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Pay Per Click Advertising by a Google AdWords Certified Professional

As a Google Partner we can design a PPC campaign that is flexible, cost effective, and your return on investment can be measured!

Still have questions or not sure which plan is best for you? Let agis internet marketing help you decide.

Pay Per Click Advertising by a Google AdWords Certified Professional

Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign Packages

Who better than a certified Google Partner to help you with your Pay Per Click campaigns?

Features Lite Plan Advanced Plan Professional Plan
Customer Account

Dedicated Google AdWords Certified Professional PPC project manager

agis will designate a point person to work with you and your business for optimal results and return on investment.

Initial/ongoing campaign development & strategy

We will use all research and analysis to strategically develop campaign keyphrases, ad groups, and landing pages to help increase quality traffic and leads.
Research & Analysis

Keywords in campaign

Keyphrases are the words used to search for your website online. This number is the overall amount of keyword phrases in your PPC campaign.
Up to 500 Up to 1,000 Up to 2,000

Google PPC network

Your PPC ads will run in the sponsored or paid search areas on the top and right side of a Google search. They will also display on the Google network and sponsored sites.

Advanced keyword research

We will conduct advanced keyword research to identify affordable, quality keyword phrases that people use to find your products and services.

Yahoo & Bing PPC networks

Your PPC Ads will run in the sponsored or paid search areas on top and right side of the Yahoo and Bing search engine results page.
Campaign Setup

Number of targeted campaigns/ad groups

Campaigns consist of one or more ad groups and each ad group has a set of ads and keywords.
1-3 4-8 9+

Google analytics tracking integration

We will integrate Google PPC results into an existing Google analytics account.

Ad campaign copywriting

We will provide compelling ad copy that will entice online users to click and visit your website.

Strategic bid management

We will manage your bids to keep your spend as low as possible and the position of your ad as high as possible.

Ongoing keyword development and adjustments

We will provide ongoing keyword maintenance by removing expensive, ineffective keywords and replacing them with keywords and phrases that are performing well.

Dynamic ads with keyword insertion

Dynamic ads are those ads that are set to display when specific keywords (predetermined by agis) are keyed in by the user. Most dynamic ads have more value over a regular ad because users are more likely to click through if they see an exact match for their keyword entry.

Mobile ads

Mobile ads are those that display on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet.

Account settings monitoring (Ex. Geo-targeting)

We will adjust your PPC campaign settings, as needed, to target a more specific location, time of day, or target market.

Landing page design & implementation

We will create landing pages that link from your PPC ad to your website. This is helpful in determining how much website traffic results from the PPC campaign. Landing pages are specific to keyphrases people are searching for to find your site.
--- Template Customized

Ad copy A/B testing

We will perform A/B testing on various ads to determine if specific copy or offers create higher clickthrough and conversion rates.

International PPC campaign management

We will work with your business to create effective international PPC ads and content in the native language of the potential client.
-- --

Campaign ads and mobile ads with graphics

Your ads will display on participating ad networks like local news and radio stations or sites that would be visited by your target audience.
-- --
Quarterly Tracking & Reporting Online Onsite & Online On-Site

Campaign performance overview, ad group analysis, top performing keywords

We provide reports on strategic performance indicators (clickthrough and conversion rates) to determine the effectiveness of the PPC campaign.

Impressions, clicks, clickthrough rate (CTR)

Other reports include cost per ad group, average cost per click and average position.

Conversion tracking

Conversions are actions you want visitors to complete on your website (download a form, make a purchase). If applicable, we will provide conversion reports for all ad groups to identify what ad copy, keywords and content are producing the highest conversion rates.

Landing page testing

Landing page testing allows us to determin if one type of landing page leads to more conversions/traffic over another landing page.
-- -- By Quote
PPC Package Pricing Lite
One-time investment $1,000 $1,000 - $2000 $2,000 and up
Progressive monthly management $250 $275 $300+
Your ad campaign monthly budget with Google TBD TBD TBD

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